To "Bait A Hook" (BAH) requires a few things at inception of membership at CFM.  If you are a returning CFM member and have completed the below starter checklist, please go here for the BAH form.


Baiting A Hook (BAH) involves determining your session needs and filling out the "BAH" form, name, type of services you are seeking, compensation, time line and/or necessary dependent files you may include with your posted session. It's fairly self explanatory.  (see below)

 cfm bah description

General DAW starter needs.

1) You will need a computer (assumed you have that), Garage Band, Protools, Logic, Cubase, or whatever interface you desire that will accept SDII/AIFF files that members can share easily. For a free open source audio recording editor, click here for Audacity. (no MIDI with that)
2) Computer audio line in or USB Digital Analog Converter (DAC), which under $ 20 (US) these days. 


4)Keyboard with USB interface;

If you need help further, don't hesitate to post your questions in the "MIDI" section, here, of the Open Session Call - Forum.