Catfish Friday Music members that participate in the community are encouraged to challenge the CFM rating system (CSR/MSR) as explained below, as members collaborate and provide music services for each other.


The MSR (member scale rating) voting/ranking system involves the community at large, other members, and their responses. Members and listeners in the community will score your performance(s) and submissions, and an average of those responses, combined with some other metrics, constitutes your MSR. All members’ MSR begins at “1.0.” This rating, MSR, can offset your default Catfish Scale Rating immensely and possibly set the charge for you to fast track on some CSR points. An entry level member starting out with a Catfish Scale Rating (CSR) of 1.0, might easily climb into the 2.5 or 3.5 level(s) in the "Members Scale Rating" (MSR) system since member's votes could easily indicate a well liked track, quick study, or even a “shooting star” among us. The MSR is determined by the number of "Karma," and "Thanks" points members in the community give another, combined with submissions and replies to a BAH (Bait A Hook), including successfully participating in the BAH process.


The other CFM scale rating, CSR (Catfish Scale Rating), is determined by the house and factors indicated at time of registering. Otherwise, all start at 1.0.

BAH Listing Costs

All costs affiliated with any given service that members come to decide upon in their BAH will be assessed CFM service charge of 12 % for (Open Bids (OB) and Flat Fee (FF)) transactions and exchange. There is a 18% CFM service charge for all "Open Contingency,” (OC) placed BAHs. These fees apply only if the BAH transaction is completed and BAH producer accepts member's submission.

When a posting BAH member, producer, chooses an “open contingency” BAH, and all CFM community members are welcome to submit performance services, CFM will assess a 18% service charge to such exchange, should the posting agent, member, decide to utilize performance services rendered by submitting CFM member on that fee contingency basis. There are no guarantees on any member submitting performance services when an “open contingency” waiver has been indicated, and submitting member and posting BAH call member will hold CFM harmless of any and all service exchanges that are considered and reviewed between any such CFM member parties.

All BAH posting members, producers, can access “Pay Pal” in order to facilitate deposit and payment(s) for services rendered by other community members.

CFM requires at BAH time that posting member submit a 50% hold fee payment to the CFM PayPal escrow account for security until submitting members performance services are fully completed and delivered. Completed and posted performance services, or record tracks, will remain on CFM servers while BAH members reviews the requested submitted tracks. Upon final approval, CFM will release such tracks (via URL/Email) to receiving designated member after, and not before, remainder and full sum of services charged has cleared PayPal account. Upon release, performance submitting member will be credited their PayPal account for remainder sum owed, less CFM service charge.

Open Sessions Call, Hooks and Categories

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