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The BAH post area, located in the Forum - Open Session Call section, is where participating members can solicit other member services, either instrumental performance skill(s), arranging, mixing or other DAW production related services. Members are expected to indicate in their BAH forum post, what the basis is for their session, what instruments and so forth they are looking for. Posting in the BAH forum is the first process before submitting a BAH form to us, and it alerts members of the community it exists, and online to review. After that step, the member then completes the BAH form, see menu to the left, "Bait A Hook NOW!"

"Bait A Hook" Categories."Open Contingency" (OC) is basically an "open call." This posting is for all CFM members to participate, with no restrictions as far as a CSR, Catfish Scale Rating. The posting member will indicate the amount they are willing to pay to the chosen, winning, CFM member whose performed work they elect to keep and use for whatever purposes. If a producer indicates they are willing to pay as high as 150.00, a member could submit a response for 125.00, while another member submitted a response at 140.00.

All "Open Contingency" by default, are public BAHs. That is key for one's Member Scale Rating, so responding members and CFM community in general can have access to voting/ranking in on that responding members performance. Increasing one's MSR is important for both community and CFM staff, and attaining a higher CSR level.

"Open Bid" (OB) is similar to an "Open Contingency," with the exception that the responding community member designates "their" price for whatever performance services they've elected to participate in. It will be at the discretion of BAH, posting member, the producer, to choose which submission they want. This category, like OC's, is a public BAH in order to accommodate the participating member's MSR.

"Flat Fee" (FF) based Open Session Call is a specific fee amount determined by the posting BAH member, producer. With this category the participating posting member can elect to have the materials submitted be either public, for MSR purposes, or a private session submission, create a default baseline of members CSR allowed to submit, kill fee, or other stated terms or conditions member may choose to outline in their BAH.

Grants and Sponsorship

CFM is proud to announce our new "sponsorship" program, where members, SONGSTERS, that show promise to the CFM staff and community when submitting a BAH that cannot meet normal compensation guidelines for participating, can still dial in, dime FREE!

This option is available at the lower part of the BAH form. Staff will review your submission and request after receiving it. Be advised this option is only available - once every 6 months. One should consider submitting a short narrative and bio to support your track. FYI - only registered members can submit a BAH.

Bait A Hook (BAH), and Cancellation.