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For Once In My Life Arrangement

For Once In My Life

Sing-Along Karoke Track (Amaj - Bb)

(Originally published October 2015) Some members have contributed to both arranging and orchestrating a fantastic production of the song "For Once In My Life" by Ron Miller and Orlando Murden, that celebrated its 50 year anniversary last December 2014. 

The arrangement is in a Baritone range, that modulates up with a turn around, tag, in the last 16 bars - to the key of Bb. A working copy of the demo for reference vocals can be heard on SoundCloud here. Enjoy the arrangement. Many thanks to our participating CFM members in making this "dream come true!" Download file here.

CFM Staff

(revisited 2016)

Raising The Bar on Liberty Lines

Raising the Bar on Liberty Lines

I met Craig Greenberg one afternoon in Chelsea, around mid-summer 2012. It was a mid-street café plaza (could of hit Apple store with a kick of my shoe) before a decrepit, yet in tune spinet piano with a funky paint job. It was one among the many placed around NYC for the Sing for Hope “open-source” art appreciation program, ( meant to inspire spontaneous creative inspiration and communications between strangers. Which it does!

I was playing a new song and singing to a downtown 9th Ave cab driver stopped 4th in line for a 14th street crosstown red light. Mr. Greenberg passed by and sat down, and listened a bit. I commented that – I was “surprised the instrument remained in tune,” wondering out loud how long it had been on the street. CG listened on, for a few minutes and I asked him if he played. Of course he did.

He mentioned he was NY singer songwriter. I asked him if he had any new songs, and that I’d love to hear them. After I finished of course. ; ) I relented, timely.

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"And Dream of Sheep" Kate Bush vid (take II)

"And Dream of Sheep"

Kate Bush vid -take 2

It's hard to imagine, if not baffling, Kate Bush's prior performance to Hammersmith Apollo 2014 was in 1979. (thanks NME) Such a blessed talent and voice. This is a chilling remake vid of "And Dream of Sheep" very nicely done, that  captures all the beautiful nuances she has in her brand of singing and captivating ballads. There's a little of "Dream of Sheep" in all of us and the innocence of "Let me be weak, let me sleep; And dream of sheep" couldn't be more inviting.

Mic Drop/Catfish Friday Music ©2016

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iTunes EQ in - Tune!

iTunes EQ in-Tune!

For some time I have labored with getting my iTunes library and songs sounding the way I’d like to hear them. My ears are a little finicky, to say the least. So, when listening to a particular tune, or ripping mp3’s of older songs via other sources that may have not been digitally re-mastered, or for mp3s saved/had prior thereto, or for personal taste, I created an iTunes EQ custom mix for that song. As I’m sure many others have. It’s slightly time consuming. So, why re-invent the wheel when all can share and bring their song library preferences into more sonic context with todays' sonic devices, and share the love.  In researching the means to do this, so far I have only come up with a solution for the Mac OS 10.9, and iTunes 11.0 and above. (sorry PC iTune Folks) It’s an AppleScript applet that will allow you to export or import an “EQ” preference that can be saved into your iTunes folder for a particular song, and so forth. This may be particularly useful for jazz albums, where the entire album recording production setup may have been mic’d up for a single session, one day. So, in theory, one “EQ” should cross over to all the songs on that record. CFM will be providing a means for sharing, uploading and downloading settings here, for all of those interested. We look forward to our CFM community and friends alike, enjoying some other ears already on this page.You can download the applet here.

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