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Catfish Friday Music (CFM) provides a variety of resources for members interested in getting more familiar with MIDI and the DAW via our eLearning tutorials, see link above or go here. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or experienced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) producer, CFM is on the look out for cutting edge developments in digital audio technology, producing tips and sound engineering best practices for your home studio. The CFM platform welcomes the DAW producers of the future and aspiring musicians wanting to learn the DAW. The DAW can be a significant resource and investment to one's musicianship in addition to providing a significant means to move our member's talent forward in songwriting, or marketing your skills as an instrumentalist. See more here.


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Catfish Friday Music (CFM) is a friend to the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Our purpose is to facilitate musicians and producers that utilize MIDI, music production software (Logic, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Cubase, Ableton Live, Audacity, among others) and supported audio hardware. CFM supports the future of DAW productions and the utility it brings to collaborating with others in music production, composing and songwriting. We are not and do not support a "cloud base" application to "record" across the net. CFM members work from their stand alone, individual DAW application(s). We keep it local, "Connecting the Dots Across Town and Beyond," and members can exchange their talent and services abroad from within the site.


CFM also provides resources for new members early in their DAW integration phase for music production, including soft synths, master controller(s), digital audio interfaces or current available software applications. If you've spent time getting to know and how to use a DAW and the interface demand it requires, that experience can be vital to early and aspiring DAW producers. Members are encouraged to reach out to other members via their "profile," and connect for support or questions.

If you are an aspiring songwriter or producer, the CFM platform provides a starting point and starting blocks. There is no fee, It's free to join. If and when a member wants to participate further in our "Bait A Hook," (BAH) feature, CFM site charge is 8% per BAH. The BAH is when one member offers another member an opportunity to provide services for their music project (guitar track, drums, strings, backup vox, et) and members exchange service(s) for whatever amount was indicated in the BAH form submission. Then and only then does the CFM service fee, transactional fee, apply.

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Welcome All !

Catfish Friday Music (CFM) also provides a variety of resources for eLearning music performance skills and cutting edge developments in electronic music.  Read more here.

BAH & Grill

24 January 2022

  • NEW BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

    Todays Date:12/12/2020;
    BAH name:Breakingup;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$75;
    BAH start date:2020-12-20;
    BAH end date:2021-01-28;
    Services sought:Backup vocals,

  • New BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

     Todays Date:02/12/2021;
    BAH name:gettingoverit;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$200;
    BAH start date:2021-01-20;
    BAH end date:2021-02-28;
    Services sought:Need