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Catfish Friday Music (CFM) provides a variety of resources for members interested in getting more familiar with MIDI and the DAW via our eLearning tutorials, see link above or go here. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or experienced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) producer, CFM is on the look out for cutting edge developments in digital audio technology, producing tips and sound engineering best practices for your home studio. The CFM platform welcomes the DAW producers of the future and aspiring musicians wanting to learn the DAW. The DAW can be a significant resource and investment to one's musicianship in addition to providing a significant means to move our member's talent forward in songwriting, or marketing your skills as an instrumentalist. See more here.



To "Bait A Hook" (BAH) requires a few things at inception of CFM membership.  If you are a returning CFM member and have completed the below starter checklist, please go here (registered members only) for the BAH form. Before submitting a BAH form, members have to post their BAH in the Open Session Call - Forum area of the site. Go here.

Baiting A Hook (BAH) involves determining your session needs and filling out the "BAH" form, your "unique" BAH name, type of services you are seeking, the compensation you are offering, the time line (suggested at least 7 days), in addition to providing the necessary files to share with members for the BAH project.

When a member posts a BAH, your BAH, service order, will post in the BAH RSS feed on the right if you designate it a "public" BAH. It is from there  that other CFM members will get notice of your active BAH, in addition to, should they elect - receive emails and/or txt messages alerts. Members that elect to have a "private" BAH, can utilize our "Production Groups" area of the site, where they can interact with members they elect to invite to their individual private BAH production.

Members are encouraged to "subscribe" to the BAH category of the Open Session Call Forum area in order to receive timely notification(s) of any newly posted BAH's before they are "broadcast" on the feeds..

Again, all members need to post their "BAH" here, before - proceeding with the BAH form seen here below. 


Please see below vid for further instructions on "BAH" process!



General DAW starter needs.

1) You will need a computer (assumed you have that), Garage Band, Protools, Logic, Cubase, or whatever interface you desire that will accept SDII/AIFF files that members can share easily. For a free open source audio recording editor, click here for Audacity. (no MIDI with that)
2) Computer audio line in or USB Digital Analog Converter (DAC), which are under $50 US these days. 

3)Microphone and/or instrument(s) of choice.

4)Keyboard with USB interface;

If you need help further, don't hesitate to post your questions in the "MIDI" section, here, of the Open Session Call - Forum.



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BAH & Grill

26 November 2021

  • NEW BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

    Todays Date:12/12/2020;
    BAH name:Breakingup;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$75;
    BAH start date:2020-12-20;
    BAH end date:2021-01-28;
    Services sought:Backup vocals,

  • New BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

     Todays Date:02/12/2021;
    BAH name:gettingoverit;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$200;
    BAH start date:2021-01-20;
    BAH end date:2021-02-28;
    Services sought:Need