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Catfish Friday Music (CFM) provides a variety of resources for members interested in getting more familiar with MIDI and the DAW via our eLearning tutorials, see link above or go here. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or experienced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) producer, CFM is on the look out for cutting edge developments in digital audio technology, producing tips and sound engineering best practices for your home studio. The CFM platform welcomes the DAW producers of the future and aspiring musicians wanting to learn the DAW. The DAW can be a significant resource and investment to one's musicianship in addition to providing a significant means to move our member's talent forward in songwriting, or marketing your skills as an instrumentalist. See more here.





Catfish Friday Music members that participate in the community are encouraged to challenge the CFM profile ranking system, the MSR and CSR.

The Member Scale Rating (MSR)

The MSR ranking system involves all the CFM community members at large and their responses to other members performance skill that participate in the community.  Members and others in the CFM community will score your performance(s) and submissions, and an average of those responses, combined with some other metrics, constitutes your MSR. 

All members’ MSR begins at “1.0.” The MSR can distinguishably offset one's default Catfish Scale Rating (CSR) immensely and possibly set the charge for them to fast track some CSR ranking metrics.  An entry level CFM member starting out with a Catfish Scale Rating (CSR) of 1.0, might easily climb into the 2.5 or 3.5 level(s) in their MSR rank if it is shown in the community via member's votes/responses, that track a track is well liked, they are a quick study, and possibly a “shooting star” having arrived.

The Catfish Scale Rating (CSR)

The other CFM profile ranking feature is called the "Catfish Scale Rating," (CSR). A member's "CSR" is determined by the house, managers and admins among other metrics. All "participating" members begin with a profile rank of 1.0 for both the MSR and CSR.

BAH Terms & Costs

CFM applies a service charge of 8% for BAH term categories: Open Bid (OB), Flat Fee (FF) and "Open Contingency,” (OC). This fee only applies if the BAH transaction between members is completed and BAH producer accepts the participating member's submission.

When a posting BAH member, producer, indicates an “open contingency” BAH term for their project, all CFM community members are welcome to submit performance responses. There are no guarantees on any member's response(s) and both, the submitting, responding, member and posting BAH member will hold CFM harmless of any and all service exchanges that are considered and reviewed between the member(s), the parties. 

When a posting BAH member, producer, indicates an “Open Bid” (OB) BAH term for their project, all CFM community members are welcome to submit performance responses. Being that BAH posting member did not indicate a service fee, it is up to the participating members that responds, the amount they will accept for their services, tracks or like, rendered. There are no guarantees on any member's response(s) and both, the submitting, responding, member and posting BAH member will hold CFM harmless of any and all service exchanges that are considered and reviewed between the member(s), the parties. 

All BAH posting members, producers, can access “Pay Pal” in order to facilitate deposit and payment(s) for services rendered by other community members.

CFM requires at BAH time that posting member submit a 20% hold fee payment to the CFM PayPal account for security until submitting members performance services are completed and delivered. In the event no CFM member's response and materials fulfills posting members BAH expectations, BAH deposit will be credited back to member.  Completed and posted performance services, or record tracks, will remain on CFM servers while BAH members reviews the requested submitted tracks. Upon final approval, CFM will release such tracks (via URL/Email) to receiving designated member after, and not before, remainder and full sum of services charged has cleared PayPal account. Upon release, performance submitting member will be credited their PayPal account for remainder sum owed, less the CFM 8% service charge.

Open Sessions Call and Categories

The BAH post area, located in the Forum - Open Session Call section, is where participating members can solicit other member services, either instrumental performance skill(s), arranging, mixing or other DAW production related services. Members are expected to indicate in their BAH forum post, what the basis is for their session, what instruments and so forth they are looking for. Posting in the BAH forum is the first process before submitting a BAH form to us, and it alerts members of the community it exists, and online to review. After that step, the member then completes the BAH form, see menu to the left, "Bait A Hook NOW!"

"Bait A Hook" Categories."Open Contingency" (OC) is basically an "open call." This posting is for all CFM members to participate, with no restrictions as far as a CSR, Catfish Scale Rating. The posting member will indicate the amount they are willing to pay to the chosen, winning, CFM member whose performed work they elect to keep and use for whatever purposes.  If a producer indicates they are willing to pay as high as 150.00, a member could submit a response for 125.00, while another member submitted a response at 140.00.

All "Open Contingency" by default, are public BAHs. That is key for one's Member Scale Rating, so responding members and CFM community in general can have access to voting/ranking in on that responding members performance.  Increasing one's MSR is important for both community and CFM staff, and attaining a higher CSR level.

"Open Bid" (OB) is similar to an "Open Contingency," with the exception that the responding community member designates "their" price for whatever performance services they've elected to participate in.  It will be at the discretion of BAH, posting member, the producer, to choose which submission they want. This category, like OC's, is a public BAH in order to accommodate the participating member's MSR.

"Flat Fee" (FF) based Open Session Call is a specific fee amount determined by the posting BAH member, producer.  With this category the participating posting member can elect to have the materials submitted be either public, for MSR purposes, or a private session submission, create a default baseline of members CSR allowed to submit, kill fee, or other stated terms or conditions member may choose to outline in their BAH.

Grants and Sponsorship

CFM is proud to announce our new "sponsorship" program, where members, SONGSTERS, that show promise to the CFM staff and community when submitting a BAH that cannot meet normal compensation guidelines for participating, can still dial in, dime FREE!

This option is available at the lower part of the BAH form.  Staff will review your submission and request after receiving it.  Be advised this option is only available - once every 6 months. One should consider submitting a short narrative and bio to support your track. FYI -  only registered members can submit a BAH.

Bait A Hook (BAH) - and applying all the above.

Bait A Hook is the form (go here) participating members will fill out in order to determine what performance services they are offering to have completed by members in the community.

Posting BAH member, producer, will designate in this form what categories pertain to what they need from other CFM community members. Participating members that want to "Bait a Hook," will obviously have to buy, albeit "cut," some bait. Which means $$. This means posting member will have to cut some bait, albeit - deposit 20%* of the amount they've chosen to pay another member, service fees from BAH form, under the conditions and options set forth in the the BAH form. Hence, "Baiting A Hook" will have been completed. But before anyone can Bait a Hook, each participating member must have already posted their BAH in the Open Session Call - BAH category.  Failing to post "BAH" in OSC forum will cause BAH to be suspended until member complies with forum post in the BAH category.

* CFM member "Baiting a Hook" will will be required to post 20% of the designated amount, "Fee Services," listed in their BAH submission form.  CFM will then hold funds until the Hook is called, BAH completed, performance service(s) completed and accepted, and BAH producer remits remainder of the service fees owed their BAH. CFM will then post credit to designated participating members account, less 8% CFM charges, and release final "services" to the posting BAH member.

BAH "Deadline Priority" form options.

Selecting the "Deadline Priority" when filling out the BAH form, suggests the member is on a "deadline" of less than 7 days, but no earlier than 72 hours. Bear in mind - one cannot expect a member to produce a "film score" in 72 hours, so be realistic. Nonetheless, if a member designates this option in their BAH, their "cancellation" option times trigger after 12 hours, not 48 hours, or after the "first CFM member" responds to their BAH. AND, there is a premium surcharge of $ 50.00 by CFM, outside the cost of what service fees BAH posting member indicated in their BAH. Should the CFM posting BAH member decline any site member services, replies, submitted and 72 hours has lapsed since the time of posting their BAH, posting BAH member will still be be held to pay $ 50.00 surcharge to CFM, should no service transaction occur between any CFM site member.



CFM reserves the right to surcharge BAH participating member 50% of their deposit for canceling or withdrawing their BAH 48 hours after posting. CFM reserves the right to suspend, or even cancel such members BAH privileges.  For cancellations after 72 hours and 4 response postings are indicated in the BAH forum response section, it will be at the discretion of CFM management, should a 100% late cancellation surcharge be assessed and charged BAH member.

In the event forfeiture sums arise from canceling participants, or otherwise, CFM, at their discretion, will award such sum, 100%, to participating BAH member, or members, they feel deserved consideration.

If you have any questions, or need to contact us for whatever purpose, please click here.


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26 November 2021

  • NEW BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

    Todays Date:12/12/2020;
    BAH name:Breakingup;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$75;
    BAH start date:2020-12-20;
    BAH end date:2021-01-28;
    Services sought:Backup vocals,

  • New BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

     Todays Date:02/12/2021;
    BAH name:gettingoverit;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$200;
    BAH start date:2021-01-20;
    BAH end date:2021-02-28;
    Services sought:Need