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Catfish Friday Music (CFM) provides a variety of resources for members interested in getting more familiar with MIDI and the DAW via our eLearning tutorials, see link above or go here. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or experienced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) producer, CFM is on the look out for cutting edge developments in digital audio technology, producing tips and sound engineering best practices for your home studio. The CFM platform welcomes the DAW producers of the future and aspiring musicians wanting to learn the DAW. The DAW can be a significant resource and investment to one's musicianship in addition to providing a significant means to move our member's talent forward in songwriting, or marketing your skills as an instrumentalist. See more here.


CFM Mixing Basics - Techniques



Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Until the great "Digital Revolution" of the 1990s, sound mixing in record production was traditionally facilitated in a "recording studio." It was expensive, timely and technically challenging. Typically, a good sound engineer was paid by the "recording studio" establishment, unless the artist was under contract with a label, wherein independent "engineers," if not a producer would facilitate the production. Many producers began as sound engineers.  

Recording studio sound engineers are often delegated the responsibility of situating how microphones are utilized, their distance from an amp, the angle of the mic, and determining which of the "house" mics to use in a given situation.  If they know the characteristics of the "live" rooms they will suggest where in the room to place a given instrument, placement of baffles, the right mic stand and so forth.

Since the advent of the DAW and the reduction of real estate cost(s) (computer/hardware/interfaces) associated with facilitating a DAW set up, recording studios of times past, with the exception of a few, have closed shop. 



Compression -  Basics

Compression and using Side Chains


Logic and Pre-Mastering Audio Levels



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