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This is the CFM Open Session Call (OSC) Forum Area. OSC is where members can interact and exchange their talent and services, be it instrumental performance skill(s), recording, arranging, mixing or other DAW production related services. If members elect to participate in the "BAH," "Bait A Hook," feature, please review the terms, among other things, "Open Contingency" (OC)," "Open Bid" (OB), or "Flat Fee" (FF) terms as indicated in the "Performance Guidelines" (CFMPG).===========================================
If you are going to solicit services from another member for some kind of compensation, you need to "Bait a Hook," click the link in the upper right column. Only registered members can BAH. Please review submission criteria before filling out submission form. See also,"Bah Introduction" under "about CFM" menu on top menu.

BAH (Bait a Hook) Session Notices

Only CFM registered members can post in this forum. See "register" at footer, or upper right menu to register. When signed in click on the below header, "Post Here" to post BAH notice.
Please post in this forum before submitting a BAH form. In the below topic area, make sure you list a unique "BAH" name for your project, services you are seeking, calendar time frame, instrumentation, key, tempo, BPM, service fees offered, as much as possible so members have a clear idea of the services requested. Please see BAH submissions criteria listed under the "About" menu item top - "CFMPG," "BAH starters," or alternatively BAH Intro tutorial vid to the right of this category.
  • BAH posting members, please click, "Bait A Hook Today!," menu item on the right, after posting below. Members interested in participating in this BAH, can communicate with replying member(s) via clicking on their "username" or avatar. At their profile, click "connect," and/or IM that member. For audio submissions, that can be posted in your post, please print working track mixes with 4-8 bar click "count in," BPM, key, and/or working DAW application file and folders "compressed."

    Members qualified in participating in the CFM BAH process are encouraged to "SUBSCRIBE" to this category and get first hand notice, first bite at the apple, before the BAH form publishes notifications.
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Guitarist Available

Guitarist post your skills, services or interest below.

Keyboard Players Available (Piano/Synth/Organ)

Keyboard, Piano, Organ players, post your skills, services or interest below.

Drummers/Percussion Available

Drummers/Percussion post your skills, services or interest below.

Bass Players Available

Bass players post your skills, services or interest below.

String Instruments

String payers (viola-violin-cello-DB) post your skills, services or interest below.

Vocalist Available Post Your Skills Here

Singers post your skills, services or interest below.

MIDI Discussions

General MIDI problems, how-to, interface problems, set-ups? Post below.

Songwriters Development

Songwriters Development

Sound Engineers - Sound Technicians

Sound Engineers and Audio Technicians

Rehearsal/Recording Facilities

Rehearsal and Recording Rooms - list your services below.
Please leave URL link to your web page and include your "county" or "province" so members local to your community know you are near.


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