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This is the CFM Open Session Call (OSC) Forum Area. OSC is where members can interact and exchange their talent and services, be it instrumental performance skill(s), recording, arranging, mixing or other DAW production related services. If members elect to participate in the "BAH," "Bait A Hook," feature, please review the terms, among other things, "Open Contingency" (OC)," "Open Bid" (OB), or "Flat Fee" (FF) terms as indicated in the "Performance Guidelines" (CFMPG).===========================================
If you are going to solicit services from another member for some kind of compensation, you need to "Bait a Hook," click the link in the upper right column. Only registered members can BAH. Please review submission criteria before filling out submission form. See also,"Bah Introduction" under "about CFM" menu on top menu.
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Open Session Call Forum

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  • NEW BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

    Todays Date:12/12/2020;
    BAH name:Breakingup;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$75;
    BAH start date:2020-12-20;
    BAH end date:2021-01-28;
    Services sought:Backup vocals, female or male.

  • New BAH In Progress (SAMPLE)

     Todays Date:02/12/2021;
    BAH name:gettingoverit;
    BAH Terms:Flat Fee;
    BAH Service Fees:$200;
    BAH start date:2021-01-20;
    BAH end date:2021-02-28;
    Services sought:Need some percussion, conga or shaker, tambourine. 4/4 tune in Bm, 140 bpm.;


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