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Catfish Friday Music (CFM) provides a variety of resources for members interested in getting more familiar with MIDI and the DAW via our eLearning tutorials, see link above or go here. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or experienced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) producer, CFM is on the look out for cutting edge developments in digital audio technology, producing tips and sound engineering best practices for your home studio. The CFM platform welcomes the DAW producers of the future and aspiring musicians wanting to learn the DAW. The DAW can be a significant resource and investment to one's musicianship in addition to providing a significant means to move our member's talent forward in songwriting, or marketing your skills as an instrumentalist. See more here.




Below is where CFM members can create a "work bench" place for their BAH production process. The "Private Groups" are for members that elect to keep their project private and decide within the CFM community who they wish to work with in their project.

Members can review others members profile(s) in the "search members area" and then determine what particulars and services the need performed in their BAH. That could be what a member's primary instrument is, if they read music, play by ear, CSR (Catfish Scale Rating) or MSR (Member Scale Rating), play guitar and sing, play piano, guitar and sing backups? A member's profile is a very imporant aspect when participating in the "various" BAH services areas of the site!

If you are signed in, became a member, you will see the various CFM groups below. Must be a member to view.


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