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In the event a member participates in the "BAH" process, and no services are exchanged in response to their form submitted, they will be credited back to their "account" initially used when submitting their BAH form. 

CFM members participating in the "Baiting a Hook" (BAH) feature on the site will be required to post 20% of the designated amount, "Fee Services," they've listed in their BAH submission form, with the exception of the "Open Bid" BAH term option. Otherwise, CFM will hold deposit funds for "Flat Fee" (FF) and "Open Contingency" (OC) BAH options, until their BAH has completed, performance service(s) completed and accepted, whereby the BAH producer would be required to remit the remainder of the service fees owed to participating CFM member. CFM will then post credit to designated participating members account, less 8% CFM charges, and release final "services," charts or audio files, to the posting BAH member.

Selecting the "Deadline Priority," (DP) button when filling out the BAH form, suggests the member is on a "deadline" of less than 7 days, but no earlier than 72 hours. Bear in mind - one cannot expect a member to produce a "film score" in 72 hours, so be realistic. Nonetheless, if a member designates this option in their BAH, their "cancellation" option time triggers after 12 hours, not 48 hours, or after the "first CFM member" responds to their BAH.

Additionally, there is a premium surcharge of $ 50.00 by CFM, outside the cost of what service fees BAH posting member indicated in their BAH. Should the CFM posting BAH member decline any site member service replies and submission(s) and 72 hours has lapsed since the time of posting their DP BAH, posting BAH member will still be be held to pay $ 10.00 surcharge to CFM, should no service transaction occur between any CFM member. CFM reserves the right to charge the BAH originator the complete $ 50.00 service fee, if it is shown the submitting member service(s) in response to the posted DP BAH have clearly submitted a meritorious work in good faith. Additionally, it will be at the discretion of CFM to compensate the responding member $ 40.00 of the remaining DP costs, after CFM 10.00 fees.. If it is determined the BAH originator has "egregiously" rejected a clearly meritorious work as determined by CFM staff,  and such exceeds exceptional levels of musicianship, CFM will reserve the right to hold the BAH originator to the "entire" amount of their "service fees" as posted in their BAH form, else, at the discretion of CFM staff, be terminated from any further BAH participation.


CFM reserves the right to surcharge BAH participating member 50% of their deposit for canceling or withdrawing their BAH 48 hours after posting. CFM reserves the right to suspend, or even cancel such members BAH privileges if they fail to post an immediate notice in their BAH notice post in the BAH categories.

For cancellations after 72 hours and 5 response postings are indicated in the BAH forum response section, it will be at the discretion of CFM management, should a 100% late cancellation surcharge be assessed and charged BAH member.

In the event forfeiture sums arise from canceling participants, or otherwise, CFM, at their discretion, will award such sum, a % amount, to participating BAH member, or members, they choose at their discretion.

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