Hello and welcome to the Open Session Call (OSC) Forum rules area of site.

Please follow these rules when posting our forums. A thread may be removed/deleted if it does not adhere to these rules.

Thank you for helping us to keep our community as harmonious as possible.

Inappropriate behavior: Repeated behavior deemed inappropriate by GMs, Community Managers, and Forum Moderators may result in your account being suspended/banned from our forums/games/sessions. Inappropriate behavior can be described as the following (although is not limited to the following):

- heated religious discussion
- obscenities of any kind
- drug or alcohol references of any kind
- nudity of any kind
- advertising of any kind
- anything sexually related
- anything insulting to a person or group of people.
- images demeaning stereotypes or sexist imagery (male / female)
- discussions about other online related sites regarding digital session musicians and networking, unless such  compliments the spirit of CFM.

Caps: On the Internet a word or words in all caps signifies shouting. Since no one likes being shouted at, titles and threads that are in all caps will be removed.

Double Posting: Replying to a thread where your post is already the last post is called "double posting." If you have extra info to add to a discussion please edit your last post rather than reply to yourself. This cuts down on forum clutter and makes discussions easier to follow for everyone. Double posts will be edited into a single post and any additional posts will be removed.

Flames/trolling/hostility/etc: Do not insult (or instigate the insulting of) other members/Moderators/GM/other forum users.

Off topic: Please do not stray from the topic stated within the body of the thread's creator. Threads that have gone off that topic will be locked. Threads that are posted in the wrong section will be moved.

Bumping: Please refrain from repeatedly bumping the same thread. This is considered spam. Allow threads and topics conversation to run their natural course. If a thread is no longer active, you may want to create a new thread on that topic instead.

Creating Multiple Threads on the Same Topic - Please do not create multiple forum threads on the same topic. Each forum is designed to cater to very specific discussions. Please only post a thread in the forum it is most relevant to and avoid spamming the forums with multiple instances of the same thread.

Promotion(s) of other sites in direct conflict with the demographic this site targets and caters to..

Linking to sites that require registration: Do not link to sites that require registration in order to view their content. We cannot be sure if such sites contain inappropriate content.

Hijacking: Do not hijack threads by posting off topic comments.

Spam: Please do not post spam (post pointless messages) to increase post count.

Accusations: Accusing other players or groups of harassment, scamming, hacking, or anything else is prohibited. If you have something to report please go here so that an official investigation can be done. Any posts or threads accusing other players will be subject to deletion.

Bans: Bans will not be discussed openly on the Forums. Any thread created for this purpose will be removed without notice. If you wish to discuss a ban, please send a PM to moderator.

Bypassing a forum ban: Any attempt to circumnavigate a forum ban either by using another forum account or connecting from a different IP will result in more severe action being taken against your account, including permanent or IP banning. If you wish to discuss a ban, please submit ticket here.

Necromancy: Please do not revive threads that are over two weeks old or that have completely lost their relevance. Any thread that this happens to will be removed.

Thread Locked/Removal Discussion: Discussing a locked or removed thread is forbidden and any posts found in regards to this will be removed. If you have a problem with a thread that was removed, send a private message to one of the GMs.


Participating in the "Bait A Hook" process at CFM is a great opportunity for members. We particularly want CFM members to avail their musical talent to other members and possibly be compensated in the process. In the event any suspicious activity, discussion or transmission of any given form, or otherwise, that may be detrimental to the interest of the CFM community, such participating member(s) will be notified by CFM staff and/or facilitator and member's account may be suspended until further notice.


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